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The profession of locksmithing is one of the most respected of services. Locks date back nearly 4,000 years. The earliest locks known are those designed by theLocksmith Services from MY Service / Aardvark Garage Doors and Locks.  Call (201) 444-5007 to request services. Egyptians. Locks which used the same “pin-tumbler” type principle which is used in many modern day locks have been found in the ruins of the Emperor Sargon II’s palace in Khorsabad.

When choosing a locksmith you are putting trust into the hands of the servicing representative. MY SERVICE / Aardvark 24/7 Lock and Doors has been a reliable and trustworthy provider of this respected profession for over 10 years.

Locksmithing is recognized as a profession involving the science and art of making locks and overcoming locks. The term “lock” is most commonly referring to a mechanism that secures structures, rooms, boxes, or other areas. A key is often used to open a lock, and may include a token or dual-type authentication. For the highest security people sometimes develop locking mechanisms which require both something you know, such as a combination or password, and something physical that you carry with you, such as a key.